Get to know Jan, The Joy Artist!

         I am excited to share my artistic expressions with you.

From the Beginning

I have been looking back at where I was and where I am headed.  It was my sister-in-law who reminded me that when we first met, I wanted to be a greeting card designer. 

A Healing Journey

My own healing journey led me down the path to become a healing touch practitioner and then a certified wellness coach.  My clients mostly needed help learning to add self-care to their very busy schedules. My Moments of Delight self-care cards(Now called Mindful Moments) were my first project, helping others to reclaim their worthiness five minutes at a time.  This led me to find my passion in creation- drawing, painting, playing with color, just being willing to have fun.

A Year of Thank You's

 It was a decision to write a year of thank you notes that spurred me to create handmade cards to send to friends and loved ones. While I didn’t send one a day, I did send out over 200 cards that year. And my business, selling hand-designed cards, gifts and prints, was born.

I have continued to grow on my own journey through art therapy. My own experiences are often translated into art pieces to share. I want that joy and my healing energy to spread into the world, one creation at a time.  


My newest adventures takes me to all kinds of mental health conferences where I am happily sharing all of my self care tools.  I am inspired to create tools to help those who are hurting, and if I can bring a little joy to others, that makes me happy.  

Colorado is my home and I love spending time with my husband and family.