Colorado Collection

Colorado Collection

      My first Colorado art piece was created for my brother in law's birthday.  I used maps to create the landscape.  It was so fun to find colorful maps of the areas I was interested in, mostly fourteeners.  Then I moved to collage - over 100 small triangles represent the trees on the Flatirons print, and I layered leaves on the Aspen with Sopris print.  No matter the medium, this collection is a celebration of the joy I have of living in Colorado


      These Bird Talk cards are wonderful. So many different ways to use them; I’m looking forward to sharing them with my grandkids. So much conversation will come from them.

      Lynn S.
      Bird Talk: Daily Chirps for Self-Compassion

      I purchased for a dear friend who is seriously ill, unfortunately, at the moment. I hope it brings some smiles to her face and some hope to her heart. Beautiful artwork!

      Diane W.
      Expect Miracles print

      "This deck is a fun and approachable way to introduce my teen clients to affirmations that build self-esteem and self-love."

      Abbey G. - Licensed Therapist
      Los Angeles, CA