It's a Beautiful Messy Life!

Here is the beautiful messy truth about your life- You are already everything you are meant to be, and you have within you all the skills you need to truly shine your light in the world.

I was working with a client today and I asked her what is keeping her from stepping fully into the work she wants to do. Of course, like it is for all of us, it is fear that clogs our vision and often keeps us from the action that can make us successful. She felt like she wasn’t able to tap into her intuition and know the truth about a situation.

I walked my client through a visualization, through a dream I had about a healing lake where the moon was shining down on the far beach. It was the place we both wanted to be. She was able to envision a row boat to take her across the lake and then was able to see herself standing outside of the light of the moon. We worked on all the things that kept her from standing in the light and finally she was able to fully be in this new place, recognizing she had the key to her own intuition inside her all along.

Again, it is a familiar theme how often we look for the answers outside of ourselves, believing that someone else might have the perfect formula for our own growth and success. We do this out of fear that our own wisdom, our own light won’t be enough. The only way my client made it through the guided meditation was to use her own healing hands to release the key that would give her the answers she was looking for.

While it is often necessary to have others reflect our light for us, it is also necessary for us to use our own light to heal our own selves. We give to others freely from our goodness, and then are stingy when it comes to loving ourselves. And the truth is, only when you stop and recognize your own divine light, and freely give to ourselves the love we deserve, will we be able to step into the power of the light we are!

Your next adventure isn’t going to show itself in a nice little package, one you can control and fit like a puzzle piece neatly into your life. Growing is messy, and scary, and lonely, and sometimes dark when you are closest to the light (Think about a seed pushing through the earth). Embracing all of you and seeing yourself as whole is about embracing your Divine Truth. You are enough, and you have everything you need to take a step forward.

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