Three Tools that are Helping Me Heal

I have to admit, it has been a rocky few months. Word to the wise: if you don't want to do the work, don't choose HEAL as your intention word of the year.

This word has brought up all kinds of old hurts for me. That just means they have been buried in my body and in need of release. I am sure that my digestive issues aren't just physical! I am healing the emotions that have long been buried with old wounds, and the emotional pieces of dealing with a chronic disease. It takes time to heal the body.

And what are the best tools that are helping me?

A daily walk is a must. Often it is with my husband or daughter and we have time to catch up. If I am by myself, I try hard not to turn on music or even an audio book. I set an intention to be present to all of life around me.

Listening and being present to my surroundings helps me see the new growth of spring- the flowers poking up from the earth, the birds singing, the trees with their ripening buds. I reflect on the ways I am clearing the soil, allowing new growth to move in me. And it helps me let go of anxiety, and be more grounded in the present.

The second tool that has been a lifesaver is my daily morning pages. I write a few pages in my journal each morning, just to clear my head of the thoughts that keep my mind spinning. I have only missed a few days since the beginning of the year. Clearing my head of thoughts by writing them down helps me process the busy-ness of my life. If I write first thing in the morning, I get a much better flow, because the ego is still in a dream state and I have less resistance. I start with the question, "How do I feel today?' and move into the answer. Little stick figures often show up, helping me to see where energy is stuck and where I might need to focus my attention.

And finally, painting has been an incredible gift of healing this year. I am learning that the creative process is more important than the final piece of art. My soul speaks to me in what shows up on the page. When I am feeling stuck, I can pick up the paints, and let my soul speak. I am trying to allow the inner child to have some fun, and not worry about what the painting looks like. (HINT: my inner child still likes to paint flowers!) It is best when I just go with how I am feeling, and then I can see what needs to be healed inside of me.

These are just three ways to help the healing process. What have you found that works for you?

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