The Beauty of the 1000th Time!

Inner Beauty

‘Look at a thing 999 times, you are perfectly safe; if you look at it for the 1000th time, you are in danger of seeing it for the first time.”

G.K. Chesterton

Today in my writing journal, my prompt was to see a reflection in a restaurant mirror and only recognize my own self after a few moments time, as if I was really seeing myself for the first time. How often we look in the bathroom mirror and see our reflection staring back at us, and seldom do we take the time to really look at the face- and then beyond the face, wrinkles and blemishes to the beauty that lies below.

If this was your 1000th time, and you could really see yourself for who you are inside, could you see the beauty that lies beneath the experiences that have etched lines on your face, that have created tired eyes, and worry marks?

Can you see the Divine spark within you that lights up your eyes? Can you see the wisdom of experiences that have shaped your life ? Can you see that you are radiant with beauty, and deserving of all love and abundance? Can you see and feel your own presence in this moment- the wise one within telling you that you are enough- that you are perfect, even in your imperfections?

Spend a few moments looking into the mirror today. Without judgement, allow your inner divine voice to speak to you, and remind you that you are amazingly beautiful. talented, and loved. That despite how difficult your life may be now, or has been, there is courage in the depths of who you are. Allow that inner voice to shine today, and see if you don’t show up differently in the world. How would your day be different if you knew that without a doubt, you always have been and always are, worthy of respect, love, and belonging? How would your day be different if you knew at a heart level that your light makes it easier for others who struggle? Would you be willing to risk what it takes to let others see you in the same way? Would you be willing to show up and be vulnerable, and let your willingness to be real teach others?

Live inside out today!

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