Please tell your wife...

It all started with a positive Covid test. Yes, I was down for the count, which meant that Tony, my wonderful husband, would have to work a three day show for me. Otherwise I was out a hefty booth fee. I really am happy that he knew the ropes from having done shows with me in the past.

One of the three days, a woman and her husband were browsing the self- care products, so Tony gave the little speech about why they were created. He talked about me as a self care coach being paired with women working full time in a law firm. These were busy women trying to balance work and family life and they had no time for themselves. I knew that learning to take care of ourselves starts with five minutes a day. This is actually the birthplace of my first product- Moments of Delight- Your Daily Dose of Self Care.

The woman looked at Tony and said, "I am one of those women who has been trying to juggle it all- and I could never find time for me. I finally decided to go to therapy. After being five minutes late, then 10, then 15 minutes late for my first three appointments, the therapist said I wasn't ready for counseling because I didn't prioritize myself enough. I got kicked out of counseling for the very reason I needed to be there!"

She picked up the self care deck again, and was browsing through it. Her husband nudged her and said, "Tell him what happened this summer." She looked at Tony and said, "Because I couldn't prioritize myself, I had a stroke." Now she is being forced by her body to slow down, and to start paying attention. As she got out her money to pay, she looked at Tony again and said, "Please tell your wife thank you. She is helping to save my life."

In that moment, this woman recognized something she could do for herself. She could learn to take five minutes to focus on herself with breathing, meditation, movement, holding her own heart, and loving on herself to nurture her body and soul. She recognized that she needed those little doses of self-care.

I created the self care deck in 2014. There are nearly 400 of them out in the world somewhere, hopefully making a difference in the lives of those who use them. It was always meant to be a starter deck, and then passed on to another person who could use a boost.

I am in the process of preparing my cards for a third printing. This time the name will change a bit, but they are still a powerful tool to help people at the start of their self-care journey.

You may not have a dramatic experience using my cards, but if you have a story to share, please share it here. I would love for people to see how many ways one can use the deck as part of their self-care experience.

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