Listen to the Messengers!


This is a post from 2016. I am reposting it because it has important messages for you!

I can tell it is spring, because I am starting to see the creatures of the earth become more active- the rabbits hang out in the yard, nibbling new green grass, birds are singing more, and even the lone spider scurries across my floor, reminding me to write.

What? Yes, spiders are weavers of the ancient language, and they remind me to go inside and spend time cultivating my thoughts and putting them into words.

I can’t help but wonder what other messengers I disregard because of unawareness or busy-ness.

As I work with and recognize more sensitive people, I discover more and more that the messenger we tend to pay the least attention to is our own intuition. We may have a thought or an idea of how to proceed in our day, have just the right words to say, or know how to take care of ourselves, and yet our obligations to others or to work or to our volunteer activities keep us from following our own inner guidance. If we don’t pay attention the first time, our inner guidance system will call out again. If we repeatedly choose to focus our attention outside of ourselves and not listen to our own divine wisdom, we will lose that ability to hear what our soul most wants us to hear.

Remember when you were a kid and you dreamed you would ______? And then as you got older that dream became farther and farther away? It is the same with our internal messenger. We choose to shut out that voice, sometimes because of fear and doubt -What will others think of me? What if I say no? How will it look if I don’t fill my life with activities and take care of me first? What if I hurt someone by telling the truth? In trying to put on a good face, and taking care of everyone else’s needs first, we are harming our own messenger, our inner voice that is here to guide us on our journey. If we don't listen, then we can move into the cycle of regret and criticism, angry that we don't honor ourselves and yet still doubting our own worth and afraid to make a different choice. We live in our shadows instead of stepping into our own light and power.

What if you knew that you were worthy of all the love you give to others? What if you knew that your guidance system is asking you to take care of you so you can serve from a higher place? What if you remembered that you are called to shine brightly God’s light and love in the world? You can’t do that from a place of scarcity, of thinking you aren’t enough.

When I open myself up to God and all the ways God chooses to cross my path, messengers of all kinds show up. There is the red tailed hawk that appeared in my dream and knocked not just once, but three times on my window and bid me to pay attention. There is the four legged companion named Sophie(today it is my daughter's puppy Tonks) who sits at my feet, begging me to go outside and soak in the sun. A billboard, a song on the radio, repeating numbers on a clock, an angel card that speaks right to where I am at this moment, are all signs God is watching me, talking to me, and reminding me that I am not alone, and I am worthy of Love.

Because I choose to listen to my most intimate guide, my divine intuition, I am able to stand in my strengths and write about what is true for me, and not worry about who I might offend. I am able to tell the truth and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the work I do is important in this world.

How about you? Are you ready to step into relationship with your internal messenger, to begin to trust that voice that can guide you to peace and joy?

What would it take for you to stop today, and just listen to that inner voice that just wants to remind you of your brilliance?

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