Here's a Little Sunshine!

Little Piece of my HeART.

While I love springtime, this has been a bit of a challenging spring with the extra snow and the gray days. I am a sun lover.

Here's a little secret about me. One of my great pleasures is to get into a sun warmed car on a chilly day. Anyone with me? :)

I just wanted to reach out and share a little sunshine with you.

The sun always rises, even when we can't see it.

There is always a chance to begin again.

There is always a time to look with new eyes, and see with gratitude.

It is always the right time to choose love over being right.

It is easy to judge another until we know their story and walk in their shoes.

It is easy to think we are the only one who struggles, especially when that critical voice gets so loud in our heads.

So soak in this sunshine, even if it isn't sunny where you are.

Soak in the love and joy and happiness I poured into this painting.

Be good to yourself, and give yourself a little sunshine. Just tap your heart and remember "I am doing the best I can."

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