Growing Roots of Courage

Blooming in Spring

I found the beginning of this poem in one of the many notebooks filled with business notes, meetings, calls, and pieces of my life. It seems to fit where I am today so I wanted to share it with you. I am just getting over a head cold and I realized that all the clutter in my head is partly my allowance of the busy-ness of my life to take over, my unwillingness to slow down and create a space for healing. How often we think that being quiet demands so much more of us than actually doing. Our attention is a small price to pay for the gift of peace that comes when we move from our head to our heart.

Like a seed,

you lie in darkness waiting-

afraid of the change that will be required of you.

Yet internally, you are churning-

Your essence is cracking you open,

forcing roots to draw in courage

thrusting tender shoots up through the blanket of snow.

The greatness within you cannot be contained.

In your vulnerability, you stand against the elements

knowing that the pain of living in darkness is too high a price to pay.

Leaning on other tender shoots, you find your way to the sun

and with a final tada, you stand gloriously in the spring,

arms raised in celebration and gratitude,

shining your authentic self for those who will see.

What is the essence of you that is coming to birth this spring? How can you nurture it and let it grow?

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