Gratitude is a Visceral Experience

As you come up over the rise, and the mountains in all their glory spread across the horizon. Something like Awe or Joy awakens within and a sense of peace comes over you. You breathe in space, and allow your body to come back to a place of rest, dropping out of fight, flight or freeze – the place we seem to live when we are maneuvering this busy world.

Mountains have the ability to bring us back to a simpler way of life. We seek solace in the quiet, in the majesty, in the beauty of our natural world. And for just a moment in time, we know that everything is all right. We are going to be all right.

This is how joy feels in the body. And the more one connects with joy, the more joy one finds in the world, even in the midst of busyness, even in the midst of the crazy-ness of our broken world.

And when you take the time to connect to joy, to yourself, to peace, the more you get to be that joy, peace, and authentic self in the world. And we need more of authenticity, joy and peace in our world!

Thanks for being you. Thanks for breathing in this moment, to remember that you matter. Like the glorious mountains that line the horizon, you are made in Divine Design, and you have a place in this world. Take time to nurture you, so you can share your gifts of kindness and connection.

What other experiences in your life have created a visceral experience of gratitude and joy?

Check out my joy journal, an easy way to increase your joy.

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