Coming Back Home to Self

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Years ago, when I started my self-care coaching, my focus was to help those people like me who are highly sensitive, learning to navigate the world.

Somehow, I forget what that means to me when I am under stress. While it is summer and a time for less busyness, I find myself busier than ever, getting ready for new shows in the fall, where I will highlight more of my selfcare items than I will my cards. Things are still challenging for my husband with his job, and we are taking it day by day to see what happens. My mom is adjusting well to Denver, and now that she doesn’t have a car, I am her driver and errand runner. I am happy to help her and spend time with her. It is just one more thing on my plate. AND our daughter Becca is still with us after a water break in the condo above hers. Her condo is finally being worked on this week. She too has been quite busy and yesterday, tested positive for COVID.

All this adjustment means I have a less time to myself. And with the world as chaotic as it is, I don’t always realize how my empathic self is picking up the energy around me and creating more stress in my body. And I spin out of control sometimes, beating myself up for not being more productive. I can’t be focused and productive when I haven’t taken intentional time to prepare for the day.

As an introvert, I already need to spend time alone in quiet with my journal or meditation. I am once again reminded that as an empath, I need to take the time to set energetic boundaries, so I don’t absorb negativity and pain from the world around me.

I just stumbled upon this website.

This award-winning site for introverts is also for those who are highly sensitive. As introverts, we need breaks from people. As empaths, we need to protect our energy.

Here are some of my take-aways, and things I will work to implement to bring balance back to my body.

1) Journal time.

Since there is an additional person in the house, I have been out of my normal routine, and while I am doing yoga in the morning, it doesn’t replace the need to process my thoughts on paper. When I take the time to journal, I end up with less stress and more focus. Even if it is simply a stick figure drawing of how I feel on a certain day, it is a way to process the feelings that are buried in my body.

2) Avoid the news.

Our current news cycle has been quite active. I catch myself getting caught up in the stories of grief and pain that are rampant in our society. I feel angry, defeated, and am grieving. And while my own personal body is not under attack at this moment, I feel for the safety of those in our larger community, especially those who have no voice. It is necessary for me to stop reading the news, take a break, and focus on sending out love rather than unknowingly taking on the pain of those I read about.

3) Take walks/sit in the quiet morning/soak in the cool evening after the sun goes down.

When I sit in the quiet of the morning, I am more conscious of my breath. I focus on expanding it deep into my belly and releasing all that doesn’t serve me. I can be more present to the moment and recognize that at this precise time, I am ok. I am enough.

4) Be intentional about my boundaries

It is vital for me to set energetic boundaries each day, so my body isn’t flooded with all the energy around me. I breathe in divine healing light and fill my body first. Then I expand that energy in an egg shape around me. I remind myself that only love can move through the egg of protection. It serves me and others well when I take care of myself first. Then I have the energy and presence to help others.

5) Take time to be creative and let my imagination play.

Part of my self-care is to create. Whether that is in the kitchen with a new recipe, learning Procreate on my iPad, digging weeds and planting in the garden when it isn’t too hot, or layering paints on a canvas, it is vital to my health to have this kind of alone time. This is when I am most in touch with my true self, the creative being who wants to make the world a brighter place.

6) Breathe!

I take deep belly breaths, connecting my feet to the earth, releasing the stress I feel across my shoulders, in my belly. This is always number one in my book and I’m getting better at taking time each day to focus on air moving in and out of my lungs.

It is not easy to be highly sensitive. I don’t do well with unkindness, people who think they are smarter than I am, people who say, “stop being so emotional.” I feel feelings others don’t want to feel, it isn’t easy for me to let others in, especially if others are judgmental and unkind. I have no patience for small talk or people who know it all and think I am too emotional. I am grateful for finding this new resource! I look forward to learning more. It is always nice to know I am not the only one out there!

Go explore the website, follow tangents, and connect to the writers who submit articles. (Crazy, I know, but I just added my name to three new email lists!)


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