Are you in Balance?

Happy Autumn!

Yes, today is the first official day of fall. It is time to welcome crisp cool nights, fall sports albeit a little differently, hot chocolate with marshmallows, apples and pumpkins and Halloween, Thanksgiving and pies and family, etc.

And it is a wonderful time to take a few minutes to look at the past season and reflect on the blessings that have shown up in your life. I completely understand how challenging that is in the year 2020, and yet, when we look beyond the news, the social unrest, COVID, there are hidden blessings that have graced our lives is small ways to keep us going. Small may be the most important word here, but nonetheless, they help us to keep hope, and trust in the promise of spring.

Here are some ways to use this transition time for reflection. If this isn’t your thing, then stop reading and get outside and take a walk. Do a walking meditation and count your blessings! Don’t let this day get away!

Today is about balance. There are equal amounts of night and day so that leads us to looking at what is in balance in our lives, and what isn’t. Here are some places to look

Do you get enough sleep or are you cramming too much in a day?

Are you taking time for play and creative time or just working?

Are you spending more time dreaming and planning your future or watching reruns on Netflix?

Are you taking a few minutes of your day for just you, away from the responsibilities of running a household or do you put everyone else’s needs first?

Are you in the flow or are you stuck in trying to control the things that are not in your control?

Today is about letting go and releasing. Just like the trees begin to hunker down for winter by letting go of their leaves, we too much release the things that no longer serve our highest good and the good of others.

Finally, take some time to make a gratitude list for the beauty that has shown up in your life. We inherited bird feeders from my in-law’s house this year, and it has been a great pleasure watching the birds in the back yard. Hopefully you have been outside more to see the beauty all around you. Or you are grateful for the kindness of strangers or friends. Writing your list will help you to feel less alone and more hopeful.

Regardless of how you spend this day, know that I appreciate you for reading my ramblings and taking time to respond. I love interacting with you, especially since I won’t see you at shows this year. I am grateful for all of you and look forward to sharing new things to come!

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